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National Railway Museum

Every great invention starts with a question.

Enter a world of experimentation, prototyping and testing and discover how these techniques help engineers and scientists find the answers. 

Join us in this brand-new, free exhibition in our Gallery space and meet some of the ordinary people doing extraordinary things to drive innovation in the rail industry.

Testing showcases the UK’s latest railway technology from a diverse range of impactful projects.

Get a closer look at UK's first Hyperloop pod prototype, built by the University of Edinburgh's 'HYPED' team. Nicknamed Poddy McPodface, this smooth, scaled-down blue vessel previews what high-speed transport could look like in the future.

Behold the sleek lines of Hitachi's Class 800 cab and see some of the test procedures which are performed at the factory in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, before trains are released into the live railway network.

Discover the depth of research behind the benches which will appear on the Elizabeth Line. How do you design a seat which will be used by people of all shapes, sizes and preferences as they wait at platforms on this new underground railway?

Come and see how these innovative endeavoursand others including one of the fastest train sets in the worldprove there's much more to engineering than just a spanner and a hard hat.

Peer inside the workshops of modern rail engineering.