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Royals on Rails

Explore the British royals' love of railway travel—a special relationship that produced fascinating bespoke trains.

Created to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, this new exhibition explores the British royals’ relationship with the railways—a setting that inspired art, design, and innovation in royal travel.

Get up close to unique objects from our collection, and watch a specially filmed episode of Curator with a Camera taking you inside our exquisite royal carriages to tell the story of Royals on Rails.

The continued use of rail travel by the royal family marked a growing shift towards how we currently imagine the monarchy: visible, ceremonial and regularly travelling the world in luxury. The railway enhanced the way monarchs and their families fulfilled their public duties, reshaping how the royal family interacted with people across the nation and beyond.  

Experience it at home

Can't come to the museum? Let our curators take you on a tour of the royal carriages, giving you a rare chance to see inside their intriguing interiors in this film.

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