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Technology: Liberator or oppressor?

Are we losing control of advancing digital technologies? And are the technologies that were supposed to make us happier, healthier and wealthier doing the exact opposite? 

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Emerging technologies have been the catalyst for some of the great advances in human well-being, and many believe that free market economies are vital to driving these advances. Yet as these economies become ever more autonomous, driven by technology and big business, are these technologies widening the wealth gap? 
And are digital technologies—in particular social media, sophisticated search engine algorithms and means of data harvesting—deepening social divisions, undermining democracy and driving social inequality? 
In this virtual event as part of the Science Museum Group’s Open Talk series, a panel of expert journalists, economists and technologists come together to discuss these questions. The panel will address the issue of how digital technologies, and their governance, need to change in order to support democracy, equality and social cohesion.
Speakers include: