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National Railway Museum

Enter the world of speed and streamlining and find out why we're always wanting to move faster this May half term.

When trying to go faster you'll find friends and enemies along the way. Air resistance might be working against us, but we can also harness the power of wind. But how?

Discover the challenges of moving faster as you experiment with shapes, materials and magnets in our hands-on workshops and live shows which will get you using the science of streamlining to move and think in unexpected ways.

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Speedy Shapes

Daily, Great Hall

Step into the slippery world of streamlining in this immersive hands-on activity. Tickets are now on sale—book yours now.

Moving Science

Monday 27 – Friday 31 May, Station Hall

Experience forces in this workshop about air resistance and use your body to mimic fast and slow shapes.

Make it Fast!

Daily, Great Hall

What can you add to your train to make it go faster around our track? Will straws make you streamlined, or can magnets make you go faster? 

Make it Slow!

Daily, Great Hall

Experiment with materials to slow your train down to a snail's pace.

The Wind Tower

Daily, Great Hall

Take on our big challenge and build a vehicle capable of floating in a bid to reach the top of the leaderboard. Can you conquer the tower of wind and get your prototype hovering in the high zone?

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