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Innovation Platform

Innovation Platform will inspire visitors with the inventiveness and ingenuity in rail. This exhibition highlights emerging ideas and extraordinary achievements from across the rail industry.

Showcasing the latest and greatest in rail innovation, Innovation Platform celebrates the creative by focusing not only on the technology itself, but by giving just as much attention to the context in which objects were developed.

Through imaginative problem-solving and original thinking, the railways are progressing, armed with technologies designed to improve all aspects of the industry. The Innovation Platform will show the very best of these to those who will feel their benefit most greatly—you!

To explore the breadth of these developments, we’re giving you, our visitors, a look at the latest technology over two years, split into three thematic seasons. 


This season explores the way railways help keep communities connected, how they adapt to meet people’s needs and how they drive innovation. Our travel patterns influence the development and character of the communities we live in.  We each have unique travel needs. Some prefer comfort, while others prioritise cost or speed. 

When we travel, we generate data. This information is used by train operators, station staff, and creative thinkers to improve passenger experience. They also use this data to plan public transport services in a way that will benefit individuals and communities. They focus on making the travel experience better, safer, and easier for everyone. Technology is a big part of making these improvements happen.

The exhibition features three main technologies from today’s railways: 

Aubin is a journey planner app that helps neurodiverse passengers and others who may find travel difficult. 

Inform screen, which translates real-time journey updates into British Sign Language (BSL). 

Situate, a Lidar crowd monitoring system which uses artificial intelligence to identify and address potential congestion points and safety concerns.

What themes are we exploring?

Communities: March–August 2024

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