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National Railway Museum

This February half term we’re on a mission to future-proof our lifestyle with a theme of energy and sustainability. Can you work together to find new ways to power our trains, reduce our waste and protect our planet?

How many vegetables would it have taken to power the 1.73 billion rail journeys made in Great Britain last year? How could kites inspire a totally new way of powering our network that doesn’t rely on burning fuel?

Tell us what you think while you take part in new challenges, classic shows and live demonstrations this February half term.

Highlights include...

The wind tower

Great Hall

Take on our biggest challenge and build a vehicle capable of floating in a bid to reach the top of the leaderboard. Can you conquer the tower of wind?

Make your own biogas

Learning Space
Suitable for ages 7+
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If you've ever wanted to make your own biogas, now's your chance. Book yourself onto this Technology in Play workshop to make some fuel from plastic bottles, balloons and blended vegetables—tickets are now on sale.

Pop-up Science

Great Hall

Could a potato power the railways of the future? Should carriages have wind turbines on the roof? Help our explainers explore renewable energy in these fun hands-on science shows.

Passenger Puzzle

Station Hall
Weekdays only
Suitable for ages 7+

Design your own carriage and use renewable energy to power itbut you must meet all of your passengers' needs without grinding to a halt.

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