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Copying and research services

As well as visiting the museum in person to view our collections, there are lots of ways that you can access our collections from home. Learn more about these below.

Order prints of the drawings, photographs and posters in our collections, check our copyright restrictions, and find out options for copying our books, magazines and archive materials.

Viewing our collections online

You can learn about exciting stories from our collections and browse some of our most popular collections on our Objects and Stories page. You can also search the collection online where you can find thousands of images.

Further images from our collections, including many posters and photographs, are available from Science and Society Picture Library, where you can also find out about licensing images for reproduction or commercial research. If you are looking for art prints and gifts, you can find a variety of the best images from the collections available to buy in various formats from SSPL Prints.

If you cannot find what you are looking for online, you can also obtain copies from the museum.

Making your own copies

Provided that your copying is for private research (see below for more about copyright) you can plan a research visit and take photographs of items in our library and archives for free. You will need to sign a declaration that your copying is for private research. If your research is for commercial use or publication, you cannot take photographs, but you can view the material and make notes of any information contained within it.

Ordering copies

You can also order copies library and archive material by placing a copy request. You will need to know what you would like copying first, including any relevant reference numbers. You can look at our catalogues to identify what you would like copied. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can contact our Search Engine team for advice about searching our collections via You may also find it helpful to visit the museum first to inspect the material you would like copied or you can contact our Inreach research service to ask them to take a look for you.

If your research is for private use, you can download our copy request form below:

Download the copy request form (Word)

Download the copy request form (PDF)

Prices and further information about ordering copies can be found on the form. Where possible, please return your copy request form by email to

If your research is for commercial use or you would like to share or publish the images, you can obtain digital copies and license their use via the Science and Society Picture Library. You can contact them directly to request new copies at


Inreach research service

Inreach is our team of expert research volunteers. They can carry out research on your behalf at a cost of £25 per half day. As well as the results of their search, you will receive a log of all the sources they consult for you, and you may also receive some copies of material. Their service is ideal for anyone that would find it difficult to visit the museum in person.

To request a quote, please download the request form below:

Inreach request form (Word)

Inreach request form (PDF)

To return your order form or ask any questions about the service please contact the team at: