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Our copying service has now fully reopened. Where possible, please send new orders or queries via email to Some orders may take longer than normal due to high levels of demand.

Order prints of the drawings, photographs and posters in our collections, check our copyright restrictions, and find out options for copying our books, magazines and archive materials.

Help with copying

Although we're happy to direct you to resources that can help you find collection items you may want to copy, we can't conduct research on your behalf.

We are also unable to check the contents of items you would like copied—if you need to conduct in-depth research before placing an order for copies but are unable to visit, you may find our Inreach service useful.

Details of prices, standards and delivery times are included in the order forms below. Once we receive your order we will retrieve the requested items and check them for condition. If we’re unable to supply copies due to condition or if we need to charge you more than you were expecting, we'll get in touch with you before taking any payment.

If you need to contact us about an order you have placed, please email


Engineering drawings

We have over a million engineering drawings of locomotives, carriages, wagons and more. You can buy prints and scans of most of them using the order forms below, depending on the format of the original and how fragile it is. You'll find detailed lists and catalogues of drawings in our collections on our catalogues page.

Prints of a selection of the most important, popular and quirky drawings from our collection are available at up to 80% off our usual prices. The drawing sale order form includes a list of available drawings.

Books, journals, timetables and archive documents

We have a self-service photocopier in Search Engine, which is the cheapest way to make copies from the books and magazines we hold.

If you would like to copy any archive material during your visit, please consult a member of staff first. Alternatively, use the photocopy order form to order photocopies and scans from us:


The easiest way is to search for an image on the Science and Society Picture Library website. You can buy a print directly from SSPL in a wide range of sizes, formats and prices, or if you need to license an image you will find all the info you need on the main SSPL site.

If you can't find the image on the SSPL site, visit Search Engine to look through our albums of reference prints. If you find the image here, you can buy lower-resolution research quality prints using the photo print order form:


You can browse our railway poster collection at our online collection.

If you see an image you would like a copy of, you can buy a print directly from SSPL in a wide range of sizes, formats and prices. Alternatively, if you need to license an image, you will find all the info you need on the main SSPL site.