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Delve deeper into railway history with a range of resources compiled by the Search Engine team.

Below you'll find lists of some of the various drawings and archive materials we hold in our collections, as well as links to our online catalogues and guidance on how to search them.

Searching our catalogues

Library catalogue

To search our library resources, browse the catalogue (which is held on the University of York website):

Archive catalogue

To look for archive material, you can also search the archive catalogue:

Online collection

Search and view thousands of our posters, documents, publicity guides and object collections using the Science Museum Group collections site:

Alan Jackson Railway Citation Index

Explore 340,000 subject-based citations from periodicals, magazines, books and newspapers in this online index:

Photographic collections

You can now browse our photographic collections via the Science Museum Group online collection:

Drawing lists

We have over a million drawings for steam locomotives and rolling stock from the mid-1800s to the early 1960s, as well as drawings and business records from some of the most significant railway manufacturing firms.

The lists of drawings currently available online are sorted below in alphabetical order.

Need help researching drawings? Please consult our research guide for engineering drawings.

Drawing lists

Archive lists

These lists cover a variety of archives, including revealing personal records, railway timetables from 1839 onwards, national and international examples of railway tickets, photographs, stamps and postcards and much more.

They are organised in alphabetical order below.