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STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from industry and academia who work, study or research in a STEM field. They pass on their enthusiasm and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

Our STEM Ambassador volunteers range from app designers to meteorologists to healthcare professionals. They come from a vast and diverse range of backgrounds, but all use STEM in their occupations or studies. They volunteer a little of their time each year to support school and non-school groups and get young people fired up about STEM subjects and careers.

The STEM Ambassador Hub Trans-Pennine is managed by the Science Museum Group on behalf of STEM Learning, delivering the STEM Ambassador programme across three regions:

We have a population of over 2,500 STEM Ambassadors across the Trans-Pennine Hub, from a national network of around 33,000 dedicated and inspiring volunteers.

Teachers and group leaders—find out how to access STEM Ambassadors by clicking here.

How to become a STEM ambassador

If you use STEM skills or have a STEM background and  would like share your knowledge and experience with young people, you could volunteer to become an Ambassador. All we ask is that you take part in a least one activity every 12 months.

Our STEM team will support you at all stages of volunteering, from recruitment and induction to offering a range of flexible opportunities.

If you're interested in becoming an Ambassador, simply register on the STEM Learning website.

How we can help

Our team will support you at all stages of volunteering, from recruitment and induction to offering a range of flexible volunteering opportunities that accommodate your busy schedule. You’ll also be able to access ongoing training and advice.

Resources for STEM ambassadors

We'll have a number of new physical resources available shortly for STEM Ambassadors to loan and use in STEM engagement activities.

In the meantime, the resources available at the Science and Industry Museum give a good idea of what we'll be able to offer.

If you'd like to make use of these resources, please contact us for availability and booking procedure.

Case studies

Read the STEM Ambassadors Impact Report to find out what some of our STEM Ambassadors have been doing to inspire young people in STEM.

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