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Find out all about the world's most famous locomotive.

Since returning to the tracks in 2016, Flying Scotsman has been hauling special passenger tours across the UK and making appearances at the National Railway Museum in York and Locomotion in Shildon.

Where is Flying Scotsman now?

Flying Scotsman is safely tucked away in East Lancashire while the 2020 tours programme is on hold due to coronavirus. You can find out about Flying Scotsman's planned trips on the Scotsman on the Tracks page, but please be aware we do not currently know which trips are going ahead or when normal service will resume. As soon as we know, we'll update this page.

When will Flying Scotsman be at the National Railway Museum?

Scotsman was going to go on display in the National Railway Museum's North Shed for three weeks from April 1 2020, but this was cancelled after the museum closed in response to coronavirus. 

When is Flying Scotsman next at Locomotion?

The next Flying Scotsman event at Locomotion is planned for 26 July – 18 August 2020, but this may be cancelled due to coronavirus.

This is the new home for Flying Scotsman information, which is now part of the National Railway Museum website. We used to publish the tours programme and other information on, but the old website is no longer in good working order and needs to be retired.