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Leave a gift in your will

Leave a legacy that will help to inspire the next generation of pioneers.

We're committed to inspiring future generations of rail pioneers, igniting their curiosity about engineering and the revolutionary story of the railways. Remembering the museum in your will ensures that this story continues to be told, enabling our visitors to explore the industry's colourful past and offer a glimpse of what it could look like in the future.

Supporting the museum ensures that your passion for rail and engineering continues to be shared with over 700,000 visitors each year. A legacy of any size has a positive impact on how we help them uncover the wonder of the railways.

We understand that the decision to leave a legacy is very personal and that you may choose not to inform us of your intention. However, letting us know that you intend to remember the museum in your will gives us the opportunity to thank you for your generosity and keep you informed of the museum’s activities.

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