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Please note the Miniature Railway is closed for maintenance.

Wonderlab: The Bramall Gallery

Wonderlab: The Bramall Gallery will be a ground-breaking interactive gallery exploring the how, what and why that underpin the creation of the railways.

In the gallery, families will explore interactive exhibits together and challenge themselves to think like engineers.

This unmissable experience will fuel imaginations, spark curiosity and inspire visitors to see our collections in new and exciting ways. The gallery will be developed by designers De Matos Ryan and will open in early 2023.

Header image: De Matos Ryan

Prototyping for Wonderlab gallery begins

From Monday 25 October 2021 prototyping for the new Wonderlab gallery will begin at the National Railway Museum.

Wonderlab will be a ground-breaking interactive gallery for children aged 7–14, and their family or teachers, which will explore the how, what and why that underpin the creation of the railways.  

To make sure all new Wonderlab exhibits are as engaging and accessible as possible, we will test them in a process called ‘prototyping’: visitors will have the chance to try out early versions of new exhibits being developed for the gallery and then will be asked some questions about their experience. This helps us to identify changes which can be made to improve the exhibit before the gallery opens in 2023.   

If you are a family or school with children aged 7–14 then we would like you to get involved. Prototyping should take no more than 30 minutes, so can easily be combined with a museum visit.

If you’re interested in taking part in prototyping or the development of our Wonderlab gallery please email, or speak to a colleague at the Museum Welcome Desk during your visit.


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